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Welcome to the Shilpee Theatre

Shilpee Theatre Group is a professional theatre organization established in 2006. Explore our website to know more about us.   


Gothale theatre

Named after the acclaimed Nepalese playwright ‘late Govinda Bahadur Malla (popularly known as Gothale)’, our modern black-box theatre hall has 210 seat capacity. It is equipped with modern lighting, sound and projection facilities. Regular plays are being performed at the Gothale theatre hall. Various events such as book launch, poetry recitation, artists meet, discussion forums, etc. are also hosted.


The training hall at Shilpee Theatre is named after acclaimed playwright Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi. Storytelling workshops, Forum theatre training and children theatre workshops are conducted at  Abhimanch on aregular basis. 


A huge collection of books on theatre that also includes the publications by directors, artists and writers who have worked with Shilpee Theatre, is available at our Library. It is open for all who are interested in learning more about theatre and art. 


Shilpee Theatre provides a modest accommodation facility for resident artists. 


Dabali cafe and Bookstore

An informal space for everyone to come and discuss art, literature, music and politics over a cup of coffee is what Dabali Cafe is all about. While you are at our cafe, grab an interesting book about theatre at our Bookstore. 

Administration Space

A small office space within the premises provides administration facilities and a small informal meeting area.