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Welcome to the Shilpee Theatre

Shilpee Theatre Group is a professional theatre organization established in 2006. Explore our website to know more about us.   


1. Rangamanch Samichhya (Theatre Analysis, July, 2013):

This book critiques upon the historical development of theatre since ancient time until 2059 BS. From the staging of Munamadan to Mutuko Byatha, this book critically describes the way theatre operated at that period of time.

Price: Nrs 300


2. Gaau ma Rangamanch/Theatre in village (Nepali and english version)

(Theatre in the Village) (December, 2013) (Booklet): This is a collection of different experiences of the artists, directors, reporters, and other people who were involved mainly in four plays: Nari, Dhupenko Dhuiya, Dahitan Dheki and Ke lagyo Halkale, that were performed in different parts of the country. The experiences are about their journey to different places for performing theatre, their relation to and feedback of the audiences as well as about the impact of the plays upon general audiences. 

Price: Nrs 200

3. Why Theatre? (March, 2013, English Magazine):

This magazine is the recollection of the opinions and convictions of young theatrical artists. It is the collection of their opinions about their reasons for choosing theatre as their profession. 

Price: Nrs 50

4. ‘COMA – a political sex’ By Kumar Nagarkoti (May, 2014, Play):

The book is a play about a woman whose husband is in a coma. It is a lively account of the woman’s psychological dialogue about her insatiable desires. The play is a satire upon Nepal’s political condition, which is also in a state like coma: stagnant and unprogressive.

Price: Nrs 200

5. Majipa Laakhe By Satya Mohan Joshi.( September, 2014, Play):

This book is a play that is based upon a 500 years old myth in Newari culture. It is about the love story between a Lakhe(devil) who has the power of an almighty, and a little girl. The play also mentions about Janga Bahadur Rana’s excursion to England, where he is trapped in a storm and prays to Lakhe to save him from the storm.

Price: Nrs. 100

6. Aandhiko Manoram Nritya By Ghimire Yubaraj. (September 2019, Play) :

This book is a play about the storm inside teenagers’ hearts. Caught between the expectations from their family, their school and society; teenagers are overwhelmed with pressure. Their psychological and physical changes of that age, makes them take steps that aren’t in their best interest. But, they do not seem to find the right guidance. The play revolves around the stories of two such girls Nissim and Sangita. The play focuses on the failure of the education system in guiding the children towards social moral values and the inability of parents to spend adequate time and effort to shape their children’s lives which is contributing to a storm of confusion among teenagers. 

Price- 250

7. Rangamanch Samichhya 2(Theatre Analysis, 2015, Book):

The book continues to dig out critical aspects of some masterpieces from the history of nepali theatre. Ajaamil Undar ko Khel, Balkrishna Sama’s Play Mukunda Indira and its performance in Durbar High School, Content of Bhim Nidhi Tiwari’s Sahansila Sushila, Criticism of Vijay malla’s play. Etc. This book can be an interesting read for those who are interested in the history of theatre in nepal.

Price: 300

8. Sandaju ko Mahabharat By Abhi Subedi. (2015, Play):

The play explores the life and works of the late BP Koirala and his contribution to Nepali politics and literature. 

Price- 200

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