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Welcome to the Shilpee Theatre

Shilpee Theatre Group is a professional theatre organization established in 2006. Explore our website to know more about us.   

6 Paatra ko Ekaalaap | ६ पात्रको एकालाप

We’re back on stage with our latest- ‘6 Paatra ko Ekaalaap’. Aalap upon Aalap on issues of Caste Discrimination, Body Shaming, Class

Difference, Gender Based Discrimination, Color and Rape on Women sings the Raga of women’s oppression in the current times.

You’re cordially invited!

Play: 6 Paatra ko Ekaalaap

Writer/ Director: Ghimire Yubaraj

Choreographer: Pabitra Khadka

Time: 4 PM  (Saturday Alternate Show at 1 PM) 

Dates: 1 Magh- 10 Magh (Except Tuesdays)

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