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Play Name: Coma 

(A political sex)

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj 

Playwright: Kumar Nagarkoti

On stage:

  • Kumar Nagarkoti
  • Prakriti Karki
  • Roshan Meheta
  • Badal Bhatta
  • Govinda Parajuli
  • Tanka Tiger
  • Jeevan Baral
  • Sarita Shah
  • Pavitra Khadka
  • Kiran Chamling


‘Coma – a political sex’ is a milestone play as it was the opening play of the newly built Gothale theatre hall at Shilpee Theatre. Play revolves around a writer who goes into a coma when he gets to know that the constitution has not being drafted on time. The characters in the play are all characters created by this writer and the stage of the play is the mind of the writer. This play has all the unrealistic features and yet, the play is very socio-political in nature. The characters of the play includes a fisherman, a man in a wheelchair, a postman, a journalist and his girlfriend, the writer’s wife and her sister, and a guy named “nobody”, and they all seem to be a bit irrational. The highlight of the play is the birthday celebration and all characters share the same birth date. The play does not have a defined storyline but it speaks through absurd characters. The characters seem unrealistic in contemporary society. They are not hypocrites and thus, present themselves without any pretense. They do not make any effort to hide their contradictions. Humorous dialogues with some sexual jokes, well crafted dance sequences and live songs are some striking features of the play. Coma – a political sex, is a treat for those who love Nagarkoti’s typical experimental style.



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