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Play Name: Jhyauli

Director: Jeevan Baral

On Stage:

  • Sarashwoti Manandhar
  • Asmita Balami
  • Balram Manandhar
  • Mina Khadka
  • Aryan Tamang
  • Manu Sunuwar
  • Arati Kapar
  • Vijay Tamang
  • Srijana Manandhar
  • Sanjay Manandhar


The play is based on the story of children working in a brick factory. The meaning of ‘Jhyauli’ is a small shed made for workers inside the territory of a brick factory. Binod and Rupa lives in Jhyauli with their family. Due to their financial condition, they are irregular at school and are weak in their studies. As a result, they are not treated well by the teachers and are forced to drop the school. Apart from this, the play also shows other problems of living inside Jhyauli, like nutrition, sanitation etc. Girls living in Jhyauli try to find a better future by eloping at a very young age with drivers who come to the factory, resulting into problemtaic child marriage. The play is an effort to raise awareness about child labor at brick factories and issues that arise because of that.