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Play Name: Tartuffe

(Jhalendra Prasad ko lila )

Director: Ganga Tiwari

Playwright: Adopted from Molière’s(Jean-Baptiste Poquelin) original play Tartuffe  


On stage:

  • Kavita Ale
  • Jeevan Baral
  • Pabitra Khadka
  • Ghimire Yubaraj
  • Badal Bhatta
  • Sonam Lama
  • Sandhya Bhattarai
  • Pravas Ghimire
  • Sarita Shah
  • Samranta Thapa
  • Sabin Kattel
  • Ojaswi Bhattarai


Tartuffe is a famous satirical comedy by Moliere, which is adopted as ‘Jhalendra Prasadko Lila’ in Nepalese context. The play portrays the hypocrisy of sages whose ugly faces are hidden behind their ideal faces.  In the play, Khagendra and his mother Parvati are totally hypnotized by the sage Jhalendra Prasad, who acts and speaks with divine authority, showing strong religious personality. His control over these two characters is so strong that Khagendra is ready to disown his son and give his property and his daughter to the sage. Khagendra’s wife Ambika manages to expose the sage and finally Khagendra’s blind faith ends. The play is a satire, showing the picture of Nepalese society where religious corruption is a common place.














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