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Shilpee Theatre Group is a professional theatre organization established in 2006. Explore our website to know more about us.   

Mukunda Indira

Play Name: Mukunda Indira

  Playwright: Bal Krishna Sama

  Director: Satya Mohan Joshi

On Stage:

  • Manhang Lawati
  • Matrika Ghimire
  • Sita Ghimire
  • Pavitra Khadka
  • Diben Karki
  • Heman Tandukar
  • Rabin Pariyar
  • Sumit Bhandari
  • Smarika Fuyal
  • Corus

Namrata AryalHimal Bhujel, Jack Baral, Sumitra Lamichhane, Saina Bhattarai, Suhana Acharya, Sanjit Rai, Ajaya Lama, Prakash Khanal, Suyogya man Shrestha, Bedvyas Dhakal



  • The play is about the relationship between husband and wife.
  • The play is very important for Shilpee which is directed by Satya Mohan Joshi.
  • The play is tribute to Sundar Raj Chalise in his memory. He played a role of Bimancha almost 80 years ago when he was in high school. 
  • The play was staged in Rastriya Nachghar Jamal.
  • Main characters of the Play is Indira wife of Mukunda who is in India for his education.

Mukunda believes that Indira is no more loyal to him as he left home many years ago leaving her alone

On the other hand Indira is very loyal to Mukunda and hopeful that he will return one day.

Mukunda arrives home disguised as another man in order to check Indira’s loyalty.

Indira attacks him thinking he is some rapist. Mukunda beg for forgiveness in front of Indira revealing his true identity.



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