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Welcome to the Shilpee Theatre

Shilpee Theatre Group is a professional theatre organization established in 2006. Explore our website to know more about us.   

Team Building – Games

Team Building with Theatre Games

Did you know that the theatre can increase productivity in your office environment? 

Yes, it is true. The theatre games can build strong teams, increase productivity, improve communication, keep employees motivated and develop problem-solving skills !

In today’s competitive world, people have to work under pressure to meet deadlines, face challenges everyday and need to grow themselves continuously. Our theatre games bring the collaborative nature of theatre together with fun filled games to build team spirit among the participants. It allows participants to see that everyone has different skills and approaches to a problem. This knowledge makes people understand how to make use of each other’s abilities in a work environment, resulting in efficiency. 


Our ‘Theatre for Change’ techniques allows the team to openly discuss a particular issue or restraints that may exist in a work-culture, and together make an effort to find solutions to it as a team. Such an intervention goes a long way in promoting healthy growth of the company. We closely work together with the management team to effectively create the customised program for the company that reaps the most benefit. 


Theatre games have a unique approach as they use acting, storytelling and physical movements to inspire, motivate and build team spirit in the participants. Our professional actors, musicians and trainers provide a memorable session that is not only targeted for personal and corporate development but also for a lot of FUN !

The team-building theatre games can be organized at your chosen location or at our workshop space at Battisputali, Kathmandu. The event can also be conducted in an outdoor environment on a good weather day. For indoor space, the minimum requirement of a location is 20×20 feet space with good carpeting on the floor.

Our trainers respect the dignity of the participants and do not discriminate or be judgmental about participant’s cast, color, religion, gender, class, disability or age. We welcome everyone who are genuinely interested to participate.

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