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Aandhiko Manoram Nritya


Play Name: Aandhiko Manoram Nritya

(Symphony of Storm) 

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj, Amjad Prawej

Playwright: Ghimire Yubaraj


On Stage:

  • Saubhagya Singh
  • Sabin Kattel
  • Manju Shrestha
  • Pabitra Khadka
  • Jhakendra BC
  • Jack Baral
  • Nissim Shrestha
  • Diben Karki
  • Bimal Sambamfe
  • Mohan Mahat
  • Rabin Pariyar
  • Sangita Uraon
  • Govinda Oli
  • Sanju Karki
  • Bibek Chaulagain
  • Prakash Khanal
  • Santaram Pasi
  • Prem Khatiwada
  • Himal Bhujel
  • Suresh Sharki


A storm inside teenagers’ hearts is what the play is all about. Caught between the expectations from their family, their school and society; teenagers are overwhelmed with pressure.   Their psychological and physical changes of that age, makes them take steps that aren’t in their best interest. But, they do not seem to find the right guidance. The play revolves around the stories of two such girls Nissim and Sangita. The play focuses on the failure of the education system in guiding the children towards social moral values and the inability of parents to spend adequate time and effort to shape their children’s lives which is contributing to a storm of confusion among teenagers. 

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