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Ani Deurali Runchha

Play Name: Ani Deurali Runchha

Director: Jeevan Baral

Playwright: Man Bahadur Mukhiya


On Stage:

  • Niraj Subedi
  • Loonibha Tuladhar
  • Chandra Pandey
  • Pabitra Khadka
  • Anil Subba
  • Janhvi Bohara
  • Suman Kuikel
  • Kopila Dhakal
  • Tarjan Papi
  • Narsis Lingden
  • Sangita Oraun
  • Safar Pokhrel
  • Diben Karki
  • Jhakendra B.C
  • Suryaman limbu
  • KC Raja
  • Suresh G.C
  • Kabya Baral
  • Muna Pandey
  • Sandesh Pandey


Caste and class based discrimnation is at the core of this play. The play has many faces – the migrating youth in search of a better future, a helpless father in severe debt of a shrewd lender and a voiceless girl who is forced to let go of her love and marry an abusive gambler. Set in a traditional village of a time period where the poor and the women both were voiceless, this story is intriguing as well as striking. Nostalgia of old music, set design and realistic performance make the play very attractive. 

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