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Chiriyeka Sanjhharu

Play Name: Chiriyeka Sanjhharu

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj and Shiva Rijal

Playwright: Abhi Subedi

On Stage:

Old Version:

  • Old man: Yubaraj Ghimire
  • Bhadrakali: Loonibha Tuladhar
  • Bhairab: Rajan Khatiwada
  • Nag\Nagini: Ganga prasad Tiwari
  • Man1: Rajan Khatiwada
  • Man2: Prahalad Kharel
  • Man3: Ganga prasad Tiwari
  • Mayaju: Loonibha Tuladhar
  • King: BIshnu Bhakta Phuyal
  • Merchant Boy: Mahesh Shrestha
  • Shopkeeper: Krishna Bhaktab Maharjan
  • Jatra: Krishna Bhakta Maharjan, Rajan khatiwada, Ganga prasad Tiwari, Prahalad Kharel, Sabina Badaal, Sushil Kc
  • Music: Nabin, Mukesh, Bikram Maharjan and Shrikala Natya Samuha, Lagankhel

New Version:

  • Pabitra Khadka
  • Sabin Kattel
  • Enesha Bhattarai
  • Sanju Parajuli
  • Jhakendra BC
  • Sangeet Pokhrel
  • Sudarshan Maharjan
  • Debin Shrestha
  • Bibek Tiwari
  • Ramesh Chaudhari


Based on the annual religious procession named ‘Bisket Jatra’ of Bhaktapur, the play revolves around the conflict between the Gods and humans, their compromise with each other and the way such legends affect social norms. The Gods, unhappy about the increasing independence of humans from Gods, make a princess their scapegoat to teach the humans a lesson. Each day, she is being married and each night, the groom dies in her chamber stung by the snakes that come out of her body. The old and the wise, makes compromise with the Gods promising them a temple and an annual procession in their honor. The princess is set free by a traveler who breaks the wheel of her marriage and widowhood. While the entire town celebrates alongside the Gods, the princess is left behind to face her own destiny. This play also raises the issue of gender discrimination and men’s power over women. Even though the princess denies getting married everyday, her father forces her to do so. On the other hand, love of her life – the young traveler left her alone disrespecting her wish to live together. Cultural richness, shadow performance and music are the treats for the audience. The play was first staged in 2008 which was then re-staged in 2016 with some alterations in the story. Back in 2008, one of the shows was performed in Candle light as a satire to the government for excessive power cut. The play succeeded to portray the picture of Jatra and the set design was beautifully crafted to add cultural aspects.


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