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Play Name: Kora

Director: Loonibha Tuladhar

Playwright: The story is developed by improvisation (Based on Tenzin Sundu four poems ‘horizon’, ‘refugee’, ‘the Tibetan in Mumbai’ and ‘exile house’).

Translation: Che Shankar

On Stage:

  • Nirmal saud
  • Dipti Paudel
  • Bipul Thapa
  • Sharmila Shrestha
  • Suraj KC
  • Taranath Chuwai
  • Bipin KC
  • Sudarsan Khatri
  • Vijay Nepal
  • Anish Thakuri
  • Sooraj Tum
  • Dhiren Limbu
  • Bikash Sharma
  • Sandeep Shrestha
  • Sharmi Rai


Inspired from four poems – ‘horizon’, ‘refugee’, ‘the Tibetan in Mumbai’ and ‘exile house of Tenzin Sundu’, the play ‘Kora’ is about the fear and insecurity of Tibetan refugees living in India and Nepal as stateless. These refugees live in hopes to get back to their motherland where they belong. They are unable to adjust into the new place due to cultural differences and language barriers. They miss their home everyday while they find ways to survive at their new place. How difficult it is for refugees to belong, is the question at the core of this play. 

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