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Majipa Lakhe

Play Name: Majipa Lakhe

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj

Playwright: Satya Mohan Joshi

On Stage: Old Edition

  • Kamal Mani Nepal               Pawan Jha
  • Ghanasyam Joshi                 Bina Bhattarai
  • Lunibha Tuladhar                Renuka Karki
  • Ganesh Parajuli                    Badal Bhatta
  • Durga Baraili                        Jeevan Baral
  • Krishnabhakta Maharjan
  • Chandra Prashad Pandey
  • Govinda Parajuli                   Ravindra Jha
  • Kiran Chamling                     Anju Deuja


On Stage: New Edition

  • Jeevan Baral                          Roshan Meheta
  • Lunibha Tuladhar                Prakriti Karki
  • Pawan Jha                             Ganesh Parajuli
  • Pabitra Khadka                     Krishnabhakta Maharjan
  • Chandra Prashad Pandey   Medha Koirala
  • Jeevan Baral                          Bina Bhattarai
  • Govinda Parajuli                  Smita Dewan
  • Badal Bhatta                         Kiran Chamling
  • Sewa Bhattarai                     Sushma Koirala
  • Ram Bahadur Thoker         Laxman Bahadur Thoker
  • Manoj Tamang



Majipa Lakhe is a mythical story of a central character in “Indra Jatra’ which is celebrated every year by Newar community. ‘Majipa Lakhe’, as he is known, is a devil and yet, he is celebrated and prayed to. It is believed that a daughter of a farmer Balamaicha fell in love with him as he could accomplish herculean tasks in a matter of seconds. This love story created fear of the devil among villagers. The story ends on a happy note where a union between human and devil creates harmony between these two clans. It also raises the issue of discrimination based on appearance, bodily structure and disposition. Rich with music, entertaining comedy, Newari culture and portrayal of Newari lifestyle of the time, the play is a feast for the eye. 


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