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Muna Madan

Play Name: Muna Madan

Director: Sabin Kattel

Playwright: Adopted from the original story by Laxmi Prasad Devkota


On Stage:

  • Sabin Kattel
  • Deepa Pokhrel
  • Pavitra Khadka
  • Manhang Lawati
  • Jina Rai
  • Sushma Niraula
  • Sanjiv Rai
  • Lokesh Rai
  • Anjan Paudel
  • Sarita Dhungana


The story is about the bond between husband and wife, their hopes for life and their sacrifices for each other. Madan travels to Tibet in search of work, leaving behind his wife Muna. Many months later, when Madan and his friend travels back home, Madan falls sick on the way. His friend leaves him behind and tells Muna that he could not save him. Learning about Madan’s death, Muna dies out of grief. A local Bhote finds Madan on his way, and takes him to his home for treatment. After feeling well, Madan returns to Muna only to find that she is no more. He too dies from this grief. Young men migrate for work to other countries hoping to earn enough money to buy happiness for their loved ones at home. Such migration was prevalent when Laxmi Prasad Devkota wrote this story and is still prevalent today. 

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