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Sano Brittama Kamilaharu

(Ants Rolling On a Ping-Pong Ball)

Director: Lima Rood

Playwright: The story is developed by improvisation – inspired by the style of Peter Hanke’s play The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other.

On Stage:

  • Ashim Khanal
  • Awatar Pathak
  • Mohan Prakash
  • Dipsikha Dawadi
  • Govinda Oli
  • Manjari Dawadi
  • Nagen Makhim
  • Nissim Shrestha
  • Pesla Katuwal
  • Rabin Pariyar
  • Shailendra Thebe
  • Shantila Tamang
  • Sharad Giri
  • Sumit Bhandari


How do people feel on a busy crowded road? Like Ants? 

The play is absurd in nature and communicated more with body language rather than dialogue.  

The play highlights the empty and purposeless activities of human life, showing how meaningless is our life sometimes. It focuses on various issues of our society such as gender, suppression of women, homosexuality, patience, religion, love and hate. People in the busy world have neither any time to talk to each other nor do they worry about other people’s problems. The dialogue in the play are philosophical and their meaning may differ from person to person. Beautifully crafted and presented, the play is experimental and a treat for the eyes. 

The full play is available on YouTube at: 

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