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Bath Tub

Play Name: Bath-Tub

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj

Playwright: Kumar Nagarkoti

On Stage: 

  • Bhusita Vasistha
  • Nir Shah
  • Brajesh 



An experimental play that is absurd in nature and yet, portrays the ugliness of life and humanity. Nisabda Samsher Rana is a fiction writer and a serial killer is a central character in his story. The serial killer is sleeping in a bathtub wishes to kill the prime minister on his 63rd birthday, making him his last kill. The play enters into an experiment at this point. The serial killer from the writer’s story, comes alive and opens his eyes to the real world. He does not seem to like his character and is revolting against the writer, demanding change in his character. Nisabda Rana, the writer, is enjoying this power to control the serial killer thinking he is creating a great fiction story. The play is a struggle between the writer and his characters of the story. Bathtub is a delight for fans of Nagarkoti’s experimental fictions.