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Play Name: Dikchhanta

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj

Playwright: Dr. Shiva Rijal

On Stage:

  • Jeevan
  • Pavitra
  • Matrika
  • Sabin
  • Namraj
  • Jhakendra
  • Diven
  • Sulav
  • Bivek
  • Ramesh
  • Anil
  • Biplaad
  • Sangita
  • Sagun
  • Kaji


‘Dikchhanta’ revolves around a rebellious student Prakash who belongs to a so called untouchable caste. The story begins with the incident where Prakash slaps a Minister publicly on his convocation day. While the play unfolds, his past story and frustration towards this unfair society is gradually revealed. From his childhood, he has faced discrimination from the society. Even after graduating from a renowned University, he still faces discrimination. He grieves that he could never feel equal among others. Even though he is a gold medalist of his faculty, people say that his future is bright not because he is a good student but because there is a special quota for people of his caste. He has huge disagreement for the word “reservation” because it makes people weak and incompetent. He demands to be judged by his skills and not by his caste. This play has raised the issue of Dalits in Nepal who still face severe discrimination. The play ends with unanswered question ’till when?’. Audience becomes bound to think Prakash’s point of view. He is a representative character of our Nepalese society. Apart from this sensitive issue being raised, live music composed by Nyu Bajracharya enriches this play.

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