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Lato Pahad

Play Name: Lato Pahad

Director: Kiran Chamling Rai

Playwright: Adopted from the book by Upendra Subba

On Stage:

  • Dolma Tamang
  • Ankita Rai
  • Nirvik Rai
  • Nirmala Limbu
  • Jeevan Baral
  • Sonam Tamang
  • Bijay Lama
  • Anil Subba
  • Subash Dangi
  • Bamdev K.C
  • Pavitra Khadka
  • Sanjay Mudiyari
  • Anil Subba
  • Kavya Baral



Lato Pahad is a play based on two short stories Manmaya and Prabhu Maila by Upendra Subba, from his book of short stories ‘Laato Pahad’. The story is set in the hills of Nepal and depicts the struggle for survival of people living there. The story revolves around two central characters Manmaya and Prabhu Maila and their transformation of lives after being in different circumstances of life. Manmaya loves to study but she has to drop her school to look after her younger brother which strongly showcases gender discrimination in the society. Unlike her mother, her father tries to treat his kids in equal manner and promises Manmaya that he will return with books and stationary. But unfortunately, he never returned. Manmaya then realized that her dream of going to school will never be fulfilled because she has to fit into her father’s shoes as a breadwinner of the family. Prabhu Maila on the other hand is an interesting character who has transformed himself from a short tempered troublesome guy in the village into a well behaved polite person who convinces people to convert into Christianity. Play also shows how Christianity is spreading among villagers. Play not only raises the issue of religion and education but also poverty. One of the reasons why people are attracted towards Christianity is poverty. Both of these two stories are integrated into each other by the director in the play.

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