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Play name: Haar-Jit

Director: Roshan K Mehta

Playwright: Adopted from Bhawani Bhikshu (Bhawani Prasad Gupta)’s original story Haar-jit


On Stage:

  • Pavitra Khadka
  • Ghimire Yubaraj
  • Sarita Shah
  • Badal Bhatta
  • Jeevan Baral
  • Sushma Koirala
  • Kiran Chamling
  • Subash Dangi
  • Renuka Karki
  • Sonam Lama
  • Govinda Parajuli
  • Sabin Kattel
  • Subasish Parajuli
  • Rama Prashain
  • Sital Karki
  • Priya Kasti
  • Prinsa Niraula



Based on the life style of Western Terai, the play is about two characters who are struggling with each other for power and reputation in the society. Ghurahu Mahato is a respected member in the society due to his morality and justice. Manohar Mahato is respected because of his wealth. Story revolves around their ego clash in circumstances brought by the situation. Director’s ability to create revolution of a female character is impressive which distinguishes the play from its original plot. Ghurahu forces Manohar to free Sonwa and to send her back to her husband. Sonwa does not have any option left so she decides to end her life rather than going back to her abusive alcoholic husband. Suicide of Sonwa symbolizes failure of both Ghurahu and Manohar at the end. Who won and who lost? Haar-Jit is a play that questions the patriarchal way of our society and makes the audience think of what it is that really matter in our life. 

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