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Yellow comedy

Play Name: Yellow Comedy

Director: Ghimire Yubaraj

Playwright: The story is developed by improvisation


On Stage:

First Batch of Shilpee’s students:

Renuka Karki  |  Priyanka Jha

Medha Koirala |  Roshan Meheta

Sarita Shah |  Kiran Chamling

Badal Bhatta |  Laxman Thokar

Manoj Tamang |  Pabitra Khadka

Ram Thoker |  Roshan Meheta

Smita Dewan |  Uday Lama

Sonam Lama |  Jeevan Baral


Second Batch of Shilpee’s students:

Anil Limbu |  Sabhranta Thapa

Sabin Kattel |  Sagar Chand

Nirmala Rayamajhi |  Subash Dangi


Third Batch of Shilpee’s students:

Bijay Lama |  Nima Tamang

Grishmajung Karki |  Karan Saud

Ojashwi Bhattarai |  Sangeeta Uraun

Suman Kuikel |  Sanjay Mudiyari

Laxmi Paudel



The play is a collection of small stories developed through improvisations by the artists themselves. Different stories from different aspects of the society are taken such as dowry system, experience of former Maoist commando, life of an Uraon girl (performed in Uraon language), etc. All stories have a serious issue at the base but they are performed with a comic and entertaining touch. The play Yellow Comedy was performed three times by different artists with different stories developed through a series of workshops and improvisation – First by the first batch of Shilpee Theatre’s students, then by second batch of Shilpee Theatre’s students and later by the third batch of Shilpee Theatre’s students.

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