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What to do

Play Name: What to do – Reloaded

Director: Dagmar Elgart/Ghimire Yubaraj

Playwright: The story is developed by improvisation


On Stage:

Old Version:

  • Silvana Castelberg
  • Dagmar Elgart
  • Ghimire Yubaraj
  • Sarashwoti Chaudhari
  • Pashupati Rai
  • Lokendra Lekhak
  • Kamalmani Nepal


New Version:

  • Silvana Castelberg
  • Badal Bhatta
  • Sonam Lama
  • Jeevan baral
  • Sarita Shah
  • Pabitra Khadka
  • Ghimire Yubaraj
  • Dagmar Elgart


The play is a satirical comedy on Nepalese politicians performed by the artists of Shilpee Theatre and artists from Switzerland. In the play, two tourists arrive from Switzerland are staying in a hotel operated by a shrewd woman. She is very bossy and exploits her maid. One day, the tourists demand strawberry which is not available in the region. But the tourists are adamant and are ready to pay any price to get the strawberries. She sends her maid to the mountains to fetch strawberries. The play is interesting as no props and set have been used. Actors create fire, mountains, rivers, etc by using their body language. All actors wear black costumes for the play and use mime and pantomime to express. The play was first staged on B.S. 2069 in the name of ‘What to do’. This second edition is reloaded with new concepts.

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