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Naya Nepal

Play Name: Naya Nepal

Director: Rajan Khatiwada

Playwright: Ghimire Yubaraj


On Stage:

  • Ghimire Yubaraj
  • Ranju Shrestha
  • Bhawana Upreti
  • Bhojraj Neupane
  • Ganga Prasad Tiwari
  • Ghanashyam Joshi
  • Govinda Koirala
  • Mahesh Shrestha
  • Prabesh Ghimire
  • Radhika Giri
  • Rajan Khatiwada
  • Suchita Singh


The play is a political satire depticiting the crisis between the rising political parties and failing monarchy. The King’s newborn son gives him hope to win over the people. He tries many tactics including wearing a moustache similar to that of former Kings. But these failed techniques did not stop the people’s revolution. Monarchy ended but petty rulers emerged from all over the country. Loud voices of the slogan ‘New Nepal’ are being heard. The Queen requests the King to leave in a peaceful manner. Political parties seem incompetent but people are forced to tolerate and conduct parliament elections. The Monarchy has changed to Democracy, but the situation of oppressed is still the same. The play makes the audience think whether the citizens, especially the youth can build a New Nepal.


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