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Pahuna Gharki Sahuni

Play Name: Pahuna Gharki Sahuni

Director: Jeevan Baral

Playwright: Adopted from Carlo Goldini’s original Italian play ‘The Mistress of the Inn

Translation: Naturally Deepak

On Stage:

  • Enisha Bhattarai
  • Sangita Urao
  • Matrika Ghimire
  • Sonam Lama
  • Sabin Kattel
  • Sudip Karki


The central character of the play is Menuka, who is running an inn after her father’s death. The story revolves around Menuka and her suitors who fight with each other for her. Their fight, their competition to present expensive gift to flatter her is presented in comic manner. Menuka is bound to flirt with each man equally in order to run her business. This play is successful in portraying a mentality of men towards women who think women are pretty dolls and are born to entertain men. When Menuka realized this, it was too late and there was no one left by her. There are similar characters like Menuka who runs a small business in our society which is why this play makes the audience think, when she says that love is not important for men but the youth and beauty is. She is replaced by a young woman full of beauty at the end and the circle continues.

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